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Partnering with Ricardo TRNTY gives you access to projects and assignments with the world’s best known automotive, mobility, off-highway, transportation, energy and environment organisations.  Sign up today and join our global community of independent experts and niche consultancies.

Your Journey Starts Here

As an independent professional or specialist consultancy, your most treasured assets are the track record, skills and knowledge you bring to a business.

We’ll match your capability with the clients that need your expertise to overcome their challenges.

With TRNTY you could be working with global brands or innovative start-ups across automotive, mobility, off-highway, transportation, energy and environment sectors.

Why Join?

Flexibility & Control

Our platform gives you freedom over when, where and how you work, whether you’re providing high-level advisory for an hour or delivering a large-scale go-to-market project for a year or more.

Thriving Community

Enrol with us and you’ll become part of our collaborative network of like-minded experts. Attend specialist learning and networking events and build an ongoing, inspiring pipeline of projects.

Inspiring Opportunities

You’ll be partnering with some of the world’s leading businesses, helping them push boundaries, break new markets, lead innovation, and transform the way they work.

How does it work?

  • 01
  • Create an Account

    Our dedicated TRNTY consultant portal lets you enrol in a data secure environment, view current and upcoming projects, explore interesting content and sign up for professional and networking events.

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  • Share Your Profile & Preferences

    Once enrolled, you can tell us the kind of projects and companies you’re interested in, your core skills and capabilities and when you’re available.

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  • Enhance Your Pipeline

    We use AI-driven processes to match your profile with relevant project opportunities worldwide. With the advent of flexible, project-driven working environments, geography no longer needs to be an obstacle.

  • 04
  • Balance Work & Life

    TRNTY puts you in control of how, when and where you want to work. A single hour advisory call or an 18-month assignment – it’s up to you.

  • 05
  • Get Selected

    Our super-convenient automated and live video technology makes it easier to be chosen for relevant projects world-wide from our diverse range of assignments.

  • 06
  • Deployment & Support

    We don’t just match you to a project and then walk away; we’re there to provide the support you need before, during and after project deployment.

  • 07
  • Two Way Project Feedback

    It’s good to know that a client is happy, however your project insights are equally valuable.  That’s why we enable regular and traceable project feedback from both perspectives.

Meet a Consultant

As an independent TRNTY Consultant, you’ll become part of a thriving global community of highly skilled independent professionals.

TRNTY Associates are collaborating with high profile clients on inspiring projects around the world, via projects ranging from a single hour to a year or more.

Lets Collaborate

Enrol with TRNTY today and discover a world of inspiring projects with interesting clients.

Choose assignments that work for you, partnering with diverse companies around the world, from globally recognised mega-brands to pioneering start-ups.

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