Technology assessment for future fleet average fuel economy targets

May 05 2020

Situation and objective

  • A Chinese passenger car OEM was concerned that it would not meet its weight-adjusted 2025 fleet-average fuel economy target for domestic volumes due to an increasing mix of SUVs
  • The Client wanted to know what spend would be required to improve its fleet average fuel economy position to meet the domestic targets

Our approach

  • We identified & validated the cost and fuel economy benefit for numerous technologies 
  • Identified complimentary and conflicting combinations of technologies
  • Creation of potential technology ‘bundles’ for application to the top 10 models and potential fuel economy benefit 
  • Eight scenarios modelled, balancing trade-off between fleet average fuel economy & technology costs

Client results and benefits

  • Understand the extent of the fleet average fuel economy
  • Provided with alternate routes i.e. reduced investment, optimum fuel economy performance and reduced BoM cost
  • Understand how their product portfolio can influence fleet fuel economy
  • Road map for meeting fleet fuel economy target delivered

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