E-scooter pricing analysis for Indian market

June 10 2020

Situation and objective

  • Client wanted to launch an e-scooter for the Indian market with assembly in Japan and low-cost supply base from Indian and Chinese suppliers
  • Identification and selection of components for electrification and suppliers to support the requirements of component supply
  • Collection of quotations and technical capability of suppliers and price information per component for client

Our approach

  • Release list of potential components for electrification to client, agree on selection for sourcing and technical specifications for components based on client requirements
  • Generate list of suppliers with RFI documentation and technical specifications and acquire quotations, review for technical deviation and then summarise for client

Client results and benefits

  • Additional component suppliers identified for review, based on relevant metrics e.g. piece price, technical specifications etc, enabling improved supplier based options
  • Recommendations provided about who were the most relevant suppliers to engage providing improved supplier selection

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